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Do you want to reduce production costs? - Hire dedicated expert. We always want you to be sure that the best people are working for you. That’s why we have gathered IT people with different sets of skills – software devs, UX/UI designers and PMs - under one roof.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As the technology development gathers pace, having a great developer to work on your products is going to become more important.

With the dedicated developers, you can develop great products while sticking to a healthy financial plan.

The Team Augmentation model is a software development approach where you hire developers from a service provider like WeBase.

Tight labor market conditions in the software industry have led to stiff global competition for skills and talent.

If you've been wondering how your company, whether it be a large enterprise or small tech shop, can possibly compete with the project from Silicon Valley, you might want to hire GOOD developers for a GOOD(suitable to you) price.

Recruiting a single or an entire team of experts to develop software is the most elastic solution for companies.

Workload and scope are not fixed and change requests can be made at any moment. Such work is cost efficient and the priorities are flexible.

You do not need to know the technical jargon, our Project Manager will take care of everything and explain the details straight.

Suppose you want to hire a back-end developer. He will work for you for 4 or 8 hours per day, for 3, 6, 12 months or even more.

You share the vision of your project with our Project Manager and he is responsible for assigning tasks and supervising employees.

Day-to-day communication and management using web tools is super easy and suited to you!

Depending on the difficulty, the task will be assigned to the person who knows best how to deal with the problem. However, it will always be a back-end developer.

We provide incentive programs, trainings and care for their productivity, that results in the best efficiency and quality of the services provided.

If you want to have even better control on your dedicated team, then you should consider our next solution Dedicated Team.

We provide developers which are driven to keep their skills sharp in the most widely adopted technologies today like Javascript, React, AngularJS, Redux, Backbone, TypeScript, CoffeeScript, Ember.js, Vue.js, MySql, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, PHP, Node.js, Django, Laravel, iOS, Android, Ionic, Docker, and more. We will make sure you find what you are looking for here. We are not limited only to IT specialists. A whole range of other specialists are waiting for you to discover.

Let us know what you need!

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