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If you are already contending with full schedules, don’t overload yourselves even more by asking your personnel to weed through hundreds of time-consuming or complicated tasks. Instead, outsource these tedious tasks to the specialists who have the time and means to deal with a flood of work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Outsourcing can be considered a progressive business solution.

It's a way for business owners to take a load of work off their shoulders and let someone else take care of it while still maintaining control.

You can simply outsource the work, and have it done for you. You can outsource pretty much anything.

It is easy to outsource job and it works like any regular business transaction.

Everything is based on the settlement for the project. We set a deadline and our programmers are moving to its implementation. We will inform you about the changes and you will receive a report at the end of the work.

You will be able to review the project and we will take into account your remarks and introduce final corrections.

Voilà! Your project is ready! We will then finalise transaction and then we can move to another project!


  • The contract is based on the settlement for the project.
  • We will set project details, specific requirements and deadlines.
  • Our Project Manager distributes tasks and work goes ahead.
  • You will be able to check the project and we will take into account your remarks and introduce final corrections.
  • We hand over the finished project and finalize the contract.

Team Augmentation:

  • We have a scope of specialists who work for our company.
  • You hire a specialist for 4 or 8 hours a day for 3, 6, 12 months or more.
  • Our Project Manager manages many contracts, projects and tasks so you can be sure that everything will be done on time.
  • By employing a specialist, you will be selecting a service that various people who are assigned to the tasks can complete them in the best possible way.
  • We motivate employees and make sure that the services provided are at the highest level and work is performed in a timely manner.

Dedicated Team:

  • We recruit specialists according to your needs.
  • We hire a specialist for 8 hours a day for 6, 12 months or more.
  • Selected specialists work ONLY on your projects.
  • Usually they occupy a separate space in our open space.
  • Either you manage your team or we help you to hire the best Project Manager for your team.
  • We care about ideal conditions for your team and we make sure that everyone fulfills their job diligently.

Learn more about Team Augmentation. and Dedicated Team

The business case for outsourcing varies by situation, but the benefits of outsourcing often include one or more of the following:

  • Increased efficiency.
  • Lower costs.
  • Variable capacity.
  • Increased focus on strategy/core competencies.
  • Inexhaustible access to skills or resources.
  • Increased flexibility to meet changing business and commercial conditions.
  • Accelerated time to market.
  • Lower ongoing investment in internal infrastructure.
  • Access to innovation, intellectual property, and thought leadership.

For many outstanding companies, efficiency is one of the most challenging objectives to achieve.

To grow or increase a business’ efficiency, a company must strategically devise a plan. That’s when outsourcing programs come to the rescue.

When you outsource your tasks or projects to a proficient and expert specialist organization like WeBase, you will have the availability to process and deal with your difficult and tedious operations. This will help increase the productivity of your business.

In business you have to deal with everything whether it's important or not. You waste so much time on these small tasks when what requires most of your attention. As a business owner you have to deal with all tasks. A lot of time can be spent on the smaller, less demanding tasks. These can become routine and prevent you from spending time on the more important jobs. Outsourcing can take this stress off of business owners.

When your team is contending with full schedules you should also consider the option to outsource these tedious tasks to the specialists who have the time and means to deal with a flood of work.

Absolutely! Let’s do the math.

Outsourcing work will run you about half the amount you would spend on one salary, just the basic salary, or even less than that.

That’s it.

Hiring someone in-house requires a salary, bonuses, a raise, benefits, you need to spend on everything they need to work in the office like their desk, supplies, a computer, the actual space in an office and don’t forget you need to deal with absences and tardiness and HR concerns, taxes and all the headaches that come along with it!

If you want to save even more, then you should consider our next solution Team Augmentation and Dedicated Team.

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